A B O U T + C O N T A C T

Bricolage: bri·co·lage (brk-läzh, brk-)
n. Meaning to fiddle, tinker and by extension make creative and resourceful use of whatever materials are at hand; building by trial and error.

Bricolage is a BOUTIQUE, GALLERY and WORKSPACE in Boise, ID. Our brick and mortar space, est 2010, features handmade items from makers around the country. Bricoshoppe.com is a showcase for Idaho artists and makers. We host monthly events, workshops, classes and parties. 

Located in the budding eco-district of downtown Boise at 418 S. 6th Street - near the corner of 6th & Myrtle.

Contact us: 208.345.3718

General inquiries: info (at) bricoshoppe.com

Classes & workshop inquiries: workshop (at) bricoshoppe.com